From Fairytale To Reality


The Art of Invention!


Follow Jacinta, a young Australian Entrepreneur in The Art & Entertainment Industry, take her invention to Europe, to launch a Digital Trading Desk for Artists. Join the adventures from Amsterdam to Athens as Jacinta explores her own limits. And enjoy the successes and learn from her failure along the way!

Oversee the tinkering of the invention and business plan. Deal with mind numbing banks. Juggle new languages and cultures at the same time pushing forward with business goals. Reverse and run from old European practices and traditions on how to conduct business versus locating like-minded Entrepreneurs all passionate about the Future e-commerce and digital business as the new way!

Understand the single-mindedness and motivation you will need for your Entrepreneurial venture. Learn what snap decisions can do to harm your business endeavor. Can you join Art & Technology with Science? Can a person become a Patent with their Talents?

Feel the heartache which comes when the Entrepreneur must let go of the vision and hard work! And treasure the business savvy and possibilities of digital commerce – you are live and instantly Global Entrepreneurs now!